Microsoft Advanced Analytics Boot Camp Review

This was a great event to attend for those of you looking to leverage Cortana Intelligence in their applications.

We’ve gone through a business case of collecting some IoT data from HVAC at different facilities and built a logical data flow from collecting the data to implementing reporting using Power BI.  It was insightful to set up a Hadoop cluster on HDInsight with some blob storage and use Hive to query HVAC data from Visual Studio 2015.

Here are some interesting takeaways:

  • Don’t make the mistake of using HDInsight for storage, Blob or Data Lake is for that. Its primary purpose is  for computations.
  • Since Spark has machine learning capabilities, why use R server?  Well, few people want to program in Scala.
  • A good use case for NoSQL technologies is when you don’t know the structure of your data upfront or don’t care about it, but want to query it later.
  • Dataset limitations of 10 GB in Azure ML will change soon to 300 GB.

It was great to connect with some fellow data enthusiasts like Sean Werick and Ginger Grant of Pragmatic Works as well as Ali Zaidi and Beverly Hanson of Microsoft.