Pure Storage Performance

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Here is an update on performance of our all flash array, since we’ve had it running for a few months in our production environment.  Since our systems are heavy reads, the obvious benefits can be seen from the graphs below where there is a clear reduction in wait time since our upgrade in August.  The graphs illustrate total wait time by individual SQL Server data file.  The scale is in days of wait on Y axis and time in weeks on X axis. This data is taken from two different servers running on Pure Storage.



I want to share some more phenomenal results achieved through the upgrade to the new storage device.  Before and after of some key metrics speak for themselves.  Below are Total I/O, Total Read I/O, Total Write I/O, O/S Disk Queue Length, Page Read and Write per Second, SQL Disk Read Latency and SQL Write Latency.  Again, this data is from two of our servers.


Our database restores and backups completed in one-third the time, and for a number of our most common database queries, response times are as much as eight times faster. Routine database maintenance tasks are also completed much sooner, including one that has gone from three hours to 15 minutes.

On a separate note, I want to mention that availability of snapshots has been a great bonus for us.  Now we can restore a copy of production data for free on the device due to this feature. Our total data reduction ration is 3.2 to 1.

One useful tip I found with getting signed out from the UI management console is that pressing Ctrl+Q signs you right back in with your saved credentials.


Again, special thanks to Dennis Friedley of Pure Storage for his follow-ups and superb customer service.

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