Azure Machine Learning SMOTE – Part 3

One aspect to keep in mind when publishing a model which uses SMOTE component is that SMOTE needs to be removed from predictive experiment before it is published as a web service.  SMOTE is used to improve a model during training and is not intended for actual scoring.  Failure to remove SMOTE for a predictive model in my cases produced the following error when using Excel 2013 or later to score one row of data: “Error! {“error”:{“code”:”ModuleExecutionError”,”message”:”Module execution encountered an error.”,”details”:[{“code”:”8″,”target”:”SMOTE”,”message”:”Error 0008: Parameter \”Number of nearest neighbors\” value should be in the range of [1, 0].”}]}}


The error implies that since SMOTE’s parameter ‘Number of nearest neighbors’ is set to 1 and we are scoring only 1 record there is not enough data for that module to synthetically generate more data.

Here is what my predictive model looks like before and after removing SMOTE.  Essentially we connect Apply Transformation to Project Columns.





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